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An interview with Mario Scalabrino Certifydoc

Translation of the original intervew published in the “Lawyerpress News”, a spanish legal portal. LP: Mr. Scalabrino, you are an entrepreneur within the LegalTech environment in Spain. How did you come about with the idea of launching Certifydoc? MS: I…
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Learn to defend your consumer rights

A worldwide frustration In this blog post we want to address a matter of the utmost importance that affects consumers. And we remind you that we are ALL Consumers. Our right as consumers is too often forgotten, even by the…
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From Distrust to Blockchain

Lately I’ve been asked a lot why the Blockchain was created in the first place, what is its conceptual motivation. In this series of articles, I will try to explain its origins and its fundamental motivations; therefore, fasten your seat…
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Flyer Euruni Lecture Mario Scalabrino

Press release – EU Business School Lecture

From distrust to Blockchain, ethical implications Lecture, Barcelona (​​ES), 25th of January, 2022 – CertifydocTM “Let’s start from distrust, in our multiverse we might end up creating a blockchain. When distrust is involved, we should not underestimate its ethical implications.”…
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