Press release – Final judgment for a rental deposit claim with certified evidence from Certifydoc

The judge calls the legal representative of Certifydoc as a witness on the digital evidence presented

Barcelona (​​ES), 14th of April, 2021 – CertifydocTM. A landlord-tenant dispute concerning alleged property damage at the end of the tenancy of an industrial warehouse in Barcelona ended up in court with claim and counterclaim evidence presented by real estate experts on both sides.

During the proceedings, the Judge called the legal representative of Certifydoc, Mario Scalabrino, to testify, so that she could determine the probative value of photographs submitted as written evidence to the court by the plaintiff’s expert witness. These photographs were certified with Certifydoc*.

The oral testimony occurred on June 17, 2020 and can be found in the legal principles section of the final judgment n. 130/2020 of the Court of First Instance n. 48 from Barcelona (ES) **

The testimony focused on two aspects. The first consisted of understanding how date certain and absence of manipulation were established for the numerous photos presented. It was explained that Certifydoc uses more than one service provider accredited by the state and the European Union, citing the eIDAS regulation and its corresponding local laws.

The second relevant aspect for the Judge was to assess Certifydoc’s relationship with the party that presented the certified photos. It was clarified that Certifydoc operates as an intermediary for qualified electronic services through a completely automated online platform. In addition, the certified information is protected by an implementation of privacy regulations so restrictive that Certifydoc itself cannot access the content that has been certified, nor does it keep copies of it on its servers. The relationship with the certifying user is therefore impartial and neutral, even though it involves remuneration for the certification service.

The judge accepted the certification of date certain and lack of manipulation of the digital evidence once certified.

The dispute about rental deposit deduction is very frequent in many countries, the admissibility and probative value of these certified photographic inventories can be decisive before or during a trial. We appreciate once again the opportunity of contributing to justice with our certified digital evidence. ”, Declares Mario Scalabrino, CEO of Certifydoc.

* About Certifydoc: Certifydoc is a web app that provides certified legal value to audios, photos, videos, email and all kind of electronic documents. Qualified time stamping: date certain and integrity for digital evidence.

** Due to privacy issues, we are not allowed to reveal further details or names of people and places. The judgment was published by the Court of Barcelona (ES) and it can be freely verified.

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Mario Scalabrino

CEO at Certifydoc
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