Virtual Machine for Ethereum Blockchain integration

By Mario Scalabrino CEO of Certifydoc

Virtual Machine and related Course info

  • Up and running, turnkey, royalty free Virtual Machine, configured to read and write transactions in Ethereum Mainnet or Testnets.
  • The VM allows you to immediately develop your project building upon the provided Ethereum integration.

To understand the fundamental components needed to programatically integrate your projects with Ethereum Mainnet (read and write transactions in the Mainnet or Testnets).

5 days course

  • Day 1 – 2: Linux virtual machine Configuration
  • Day 3: Ethereum integration Configuration
  • Day 4 – 5: PHP Code implementation, Tests and working VM handover
  • Linux/Ubuntu OS – I
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) – B
  • Oracle VM virtual box – I
  • Computer networks settings – I
  • IDE Apache Netbeans – B
  • Composer dependency management tool – B
  • PHP language – I
  • Ethereum Blockchain – I
  • Blockchain user tools – I
  • Cybersecurity/Cryptography – B

B = Basic knowledge
I = Intermediate Knowledge

Linux virtual machine configuration

  • Step 1: LAMP
  • Step 2: Apache NetBeans
  • Step 3: Xdebug
  • Step 4: Composer
  • Step 5: PHP library for Ethereum integration
  • Step 6: PHP library to protect credentials in PHP files

Ethereum integration configuration

  • Step 1: Wallet, account, crypto-exchange
  • Step 2: Infura Interface to Ethereum
  • Step 3: Ropsten Test Ether and MetaMask

The PHP implementation Code

  • Source Code
  • Variables
  • Viewing Transactions on EtherScan

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Virtual Machine for Ethereum Blockchain Integration

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