Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for injuries with certified evidence from Certifydoc

Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for threats with certified evidence from Certifydoc

Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for a rental deposit with certified evidence from Certifydoc


Digital transformation for Lawyers and Attorneys

Why use Certifydoc to ensure regulatory compliance of digital documents at all stages of the procedure?

  • Would you like digitalization to become an advantage instead of just another complication?
  • Prepare your documents easily in the browser following the simple instruction steps, encrypt them and verify the created package
  • Certify the documents and receive the results in real time
  • Certifydoc gives you a qualified time stamp, strong data encryption, compliancy with GDPR and eIDAS and you receive the files directly by email and/or by mobile with no need to train the people you are interacting with
  • This solution guarantees you compliance with the regulations from the start of the document digitalization to delivery to the courts

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Digital transformation for Lawyers and Attorneys

Lawyers. We know that you would like to benefit from the digitalization of services to compensate the difficulties with travel and personal meetings

Several problems have to be addressed:

  • Customers and suppliers cannot physically deliver documents and evidence
  • Most of them do not have a qualified electronic signature certificate
  • Compliance with the GDPR for this communication of private data is complex
  • It may be difficult to ask the remote party to follow digital signature or cybersecurity steps and you need something fast and easy that can be used without training or subscriptions
  • The problems previously described can be resolved quickly by our #legaltech innovative solution. Some benefits: no need to train the people you interact with, also from a smartphone, compliance with GDPR by qualified time stamping and strong encryption of the data, delivery of the files directly by email

Download and share the pdf of the advantages of Certifydoc for Lawyers

Certifydoc for Forensic Computer Experts

Why use Certifydoc in Computer Forensics?

  • You are a computer expert and want to achieve a correct and efficient process for fingerprinting and chain of custody.
  • You need an immediate and inexpensive tool to certify your digital evidence, without subscriptions and that is easy to present in court.
  • Prepare the documents, hard disk image hashes or video-photographic inventories necessary for your expertise and certify them.
  • Share the received certification email with stakeholders or archive it easily on a secure device
  • You will have achieved quality of work, time and reputation before clients and justice

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Certifydoc for Computer Forensic Experts

  • Alex is a forensic IT expert who wants to achieve a correct and efficient process for hashing and the chain of custody
  • He needs to have an easy and economical tool that facilitates the explanation process in court
  • Certifydoc provides two fundamental outcomes in a single tool
  • Qualified time stamping of the ‘hash’ of any file or hard drive and strong file encryption with the AES256 algorithm
  • From the arrival of the email resulting from the certification, he will not depend on any intermediary to keep and use the digital proof
  • Certifydoc instantly deletes all sent files from its servers once the certification email is sent
  • With Certifydoc b) Pay online only for what you consume at the moment, if you prefer c) The cost of the certification is the cost of a breakfast d) There is no limitation on the type or number of files e) You have up to one total of 17MB per certification d) Complies with state and European GDPR and eIDAS regulations
  • More information at www.certifydoc.eu

Download and share the pdf of the advantages of Certifydoc for Computer Experts


Domestic and gender violence

Why use Certifydoc with recordings of abuse?

  • Are you a victim of abuse and are you also scared for your children?
  • Carefully record a video or an audio of the abuse. Before finishing it, if you can, read the news headline of that day showing your face; if it is audio please state you ID number too
  • As soon as you can, certify the recording
  • Contact someone who can help you or call the authorities and submit your certified evidence of high legal relevance, by simply forwarding the email you received
  • In this way, you have removed the argument of “my word against theirs” and minimised the risk of retaliation for having reported the crime

Threats on WhatsApp by ex-partner

Why use Certifydoc after getting threats from ex-partners on WhatsApp?

  • Do you receive threats from your ex through WhatsApp and are you scared for yourself and your children?
  • Record a video of the WhatsApp conversation, with another device, reading the headline of a news of the same day, and displaying the phone numbers of the sender and receiver
  • Use Certifydoc certification of videos
  • Report to the police or contact an attorney
  • With the certifications you can present the recordings as evidence of legal value in court

How to certify a threat that was received through WhatsApp or as audio

  • Have you received threatening calls, audio messages or texts on your phone?
  • Download an app that allows you to record phone conversations, if permitted in your country
  • Record a video in which the conversation can be heard or read from another device
  • In the video, you shall introduce yourself, recite the main headline of a newspaper of the day and show the numbers of the sender and the receiver
  • Send the video file to Certifydoc to get your certified proof
  • The certification constitutes a preventive and/or dissuasive proof, along with a strong effect and legal validity in case of a lawsuit
  • It is no longer your word against theirs

Threats on social media

Why use Certifydoc against threats on Social Networks?

  • Discussions, threats or insults under the internet anonymity
  • Capture the discussions, videos, audio recordings of the events along with the main headline of a newspaper of the day
  • Use Certifydoc certifications
  • Report to the police
  • By using the certifications you can present evidence that is legally valid

Sexual harassment in the workplace via Whatsapp #metoo

  • Why use Certifydoc in case of sexual harassment in the workplace via WhatsApp? #metoo
  • Have you ever received a job offer via WhatsApp such as: “The job could be yours but let’s talk about it further at my house”? #MeToo
  • Film the WhatsApp conversation, using another device, whilst reading the headline of today’s newspaper
  • Use Certifydoc certifications
  • Report the incident to the police or discuss the matter with the sender first, using your certified evidence
  • Our certifications will provide you with legally relevant evidence that can be presented to a Judge

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