Press release – New technological partnership with TECNOideas 2.0 cybersecurity

Barcelona (ES), 07/14/21 – Certifydoc TM continues to create alliances with the best partners in the market, with the aim of offering its clients the best technological capabilities.

In our effort to develop and integrate specific solutions to improve the security of our clients, Certifydoc signs a new agreement with TECNOideas 2.0, the cybersecurity, forensic analysis, copyright protection and online reputation services company, with its ProMonitor brand .

The certification capacity through qualified time stamping in accordance with the law provided by Certifydoc extends and completes TECNOideas 2.0’s offer of value-added services, both in cybersecurity and in copyright. Being able to present highly effective digital evidence is essential not only in disputes, but mostly in prevention and as a deterrent measure during out-of-court negotiations.

“The ease of use and the probative value that Certifydoc offers TECNOideas 2.0 and its clients has made this new collaboration between our companies possible. The date certain and integrity granted to its electronic evidence, together with strong encryption and modern digital evidence acquisition protocols, positions us at the forefront of legaltech applied to cybersecurity”, declares Mario Scalabrino CEO of Certifydoc.

* About Certifydoc: Certifydoc is a web app that provides certified legal value to audios, photos, videos and electronic documents. Qualified time stamping: date certainc and integrity for digital evidence.

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Mario Scalabrino

CEO at Certifydoc
Mario loves to read and write articles. He also loves to share knowledge especially if it’s likely to have social or cultural influence. Since he detests fake news, he always carefully verifies the sources of his articles. He is enthusiastic about science, nature, dancing, partying and people, but not necessarily in that order. A high tech entrepreneur and a forensic consultant, he holds an MSE in Electronic Engineering and a Master in Mediations and Conflicts Resolution. He was also an International Software Sales Director and an Armed Forces Officer in Forensic Scientific Investigation. Mario loves people who demonstrate tolerance, equality and respect for everyone. Follow Mario on LinkedIn or on Twitter