Press release – EU Business School Lecture

From distrust to Blockchain, ethical implications

Lecture, Barcelona (​​ES), 25th of January, 2022 – CertifydocTM

“Let’s start from distrust, in our multiverse we might end up creating a blockchain. When distrust is involved, we should not underestimate its ethical implications.”

In this lecture in EU Business School, Barcelona, we’ll briefly introduce what is a blockchain and its relation with mistrust. Why it has been created, its relation with cryptocurrencies, how long it has been already with us; but most importantly we will introduce its ethical, geopolitical and sustainability implications.

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Mario Scalabrino

CEO at Certifydoc
Mario loves to read and write articles. He also loves to share knowledge especially if it’s likely to have social or cultural influence. Since he detests fake news, he always carefully verifies the sources of his articles. He is enthusiastic about science, nature, dancing, partying and people, but not necessarily in that order. A high tech entrepreneur and a forensic consultant, he holds an MSE in Electronic Engineering and a Master in Mediations and Conflicts Resolution. He was also an International Software Sales Director and an Armed Forces Officer in Forensic Scientific Investigation. Mario loves people who demonstrate tolerance, equality and respect for everyone. Follow Mario on LinkedIn or on Twitter