Intellectual property


How to easily protect your intellectual property

Why use Certifydoc to protect your copyright?

  • You are a designer, musician, dancer, artist … and you are concerned about protecting your creations
  • Someone in your environment has already suffered plagiarism, but you do not have the legal knowledge, time and resources to protect your works that have not been monetized yet
  • Prepare the video / audio / photo / document describing the creation; also include the authors with their ID and the main headline from a newspaper of the day, if possible
  • Follow Certifydoc certification steps: encrypt documents, send and receive them comfortably in real time by email certificated, ready to be archived or forwarded
  • Now you can prevent plagiarism and defend yourself effectively in case of conflict by providing certified evidence of high probative value

How to easily protect your intellectual property

  • Creating art takes a long time and endless dedication to your work, and maybe you are concerned of having your art stolen, or reposted with no credits.
  • Certifydoc which is a company that specializes in providing legal certifications for Copyrights quickly and cheaply.
  • By using this automated online service you will be provided with the opportunity to legally certify the date and the integrity of the creation and also with a strong indication on that you are the original creator of the stolen artwork, while this isn’t a step that most people think of, it might be too late to certify the creation when the plagiarism is discovered.
  • If copyrights are protected early on, although may not prevent people from stealing your work, it can provide stronger evidence when making legal claims for royalties or damages against someone who has stolen your art to make a profit.

Defend your Intellectual Property

Why use Certifydoc to defend your Intellectual Property?

  • You are a clothes designer, artist, photographer …
  • You do not have knowledge, time, money to register all your creations
  • You show your creations to potential clients
  • Be aware that plagiarism of the creations sometimes happens
  • Use Certifydoc certifications to claim your creations
  • Claim and defend your intellectual property



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