Defend the intellectual property of your creative projects

On this occasion, we want to share Miguel´s story, he is a young designer who recently completed his studies and went to his first job interview at a major company.

To assess his knowledge and talent, he was asked to bring a portfolio of his designs to the interview. Miguel, wanting to impress his interviewers, drew several creative artworks specifically for them and focused on the company.

On the day of the interview, the people in charge were really impressed by his designs and promised that they would call him in a few days whether he would get accepted or not.

After a week without receiving any response, he decided to take a look at the company’s Social Networks and to his surprise, he saw his designs being used.

Since the creations were made for the following day, he only had the time to place a small watermark which was easily removed. He had no way of proving that it was his property.

Miguel produces a lot of creative artwork and participates in many interviews and contests, because of this he is unable to register all his creations in a conventional way. This resulted in Miguel not being able to protect his Copyrights and claim them as his own.”

That is why he turned to CertifyDoc to protect his creations in a very economic and immediate way from a mobile phone.

With CertifyDoc: Avoid or defend yourself from having your Intellectual Property stolen.

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Mario Scalabrino

CEO at Certifydoc
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