Defending yourself from overcharged bills by recording the conversation

John received a promotional call from a telephone company offering him a series of very interesting discounts.

On a different occasion, he would have ignored the offer, but on this occasion the offer was really tempting as it was from his telephone company that he had been a client of for several years. There was no way he would distrust them, so he accepted.

As expected, he received a series of excellent discounts during the first two months, but upon expiration and despite continuing to enjoy a special treatment, he was charged a small fee. Nothing serious, but it was something that had not been communicated to him in the offer.

Upon contacting the company, they claimed to have communicated the clause to him during the call.

When requesting the recording, they replied that there had been a failure in the program and that it was not available.

Luckily, John had heard this type of situation and recorded the conversation using the “hands-free” option and the telephone recorder. He used the certifications offered by CertifyDoc and filed a complaint with legal evidence.

With CertifyDoc you will have proof of legal validity to avoid scams or frauds.

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Mario Scalabrino

CEO at Certifydoc
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