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Tenants - Rents and rental deposit

  • At the entrance, you signed a contract which included some photos, or you have certified them with Certifydoc
  • At the exit, record some videos of the property, in each video show yourself and your ID and recite the main headline from a newspaper of the day
  • Certify video files with Certifydoc
  • Finally, you will have your evidence and you can defend yourself, even if you do not have access to the property anymore
  • In case of conflict with the rental deposit, present your certified evidence to negotiate or report the abuse

Watch how you can make sure your landford returns your rental deposit

Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for a rental deposit with certified evidence from Certifydoc

Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for injuries with certified evidence from Certifydoc

Download and share the pdf of the final Judgment for threats with certified evidence from Certifydoc

Find out how Certifydoc can help you protect your Consumer Rights

  • This is Ana, she walks quietly down the street towards her house
  • As always she is disturbed by a call for a better offer by a utility sales representative. She accepts it under the insistence of the sales rep
  • The following month, she receives an excessive bill; none of what it was offered in the call is delivered as she checks it on the supply portal
  • Ana calls the company on the phone, records the conversation and takes screenshots of the invoice and offers. Then she certifies everything with Certifydoc
  • With Certifydoc she can: a. Obtain digital evidence of high legal relevance b. Send the certifications to your consumer association c. Legally defend yourself from scams and frauds d. Negotiate a fair settlement or refund
  • More info at www.certifydoc.eu

Download and share the pdf for the Consumer Associations


Consumer Protection - Phone calls

Why use Certifydoc to defend your consumer rights?

  • A telecom or electricity company calls you
  • The offer promises great discounts or better services
  • But then you discover the abuse, you pay more!
  • Record calls or take screenshots and then send them to Certifydoc
  • Your certified digital evidence can be now presented for instant settlement or directly to court

Blog – Consumer protection recording calls


Consumers – Recording Video

  • You see a post in the store or on the web with a special offer
  • Record a video in which the offer is visible while reciting the main headline from a newspaper of the day
  • Certify the video file with Certifydoc
  • You surprisingly verify that the promised special offer does not match the conditions embedded in the contract or on the invoice
  • Present your certified proof and contract or invoice to the consumer rights organization to report the abuse

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