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Differentiate, prevent and defend yourself in the Real Estate sector

Why use Certifydoc in Real Estate?

  • Verify the state of property before and after renting an apartment or office
  • Obtain legal confidence while promoting and selling real estate to international clients who are unable to visit beforehand
  • For all kinds of procedures being presented to any state, autonomous or municipal body
  • Certify quickly, cheaply and safely with a mobile phone and Certifydoc
  • Legally prevents a judicial dispute

Watch how Certifydoc can help in Real Estate sector

  • She is Laura, she sells, rents and manages real estate assets. She is looking for a tool that allows her to to gain time, money and the trust of her customers
  • She works in and out of the city, also with international clients and her commercial activity is limited by continuous travel
  • For this reason, she needs an innovative, agile and efficient solution to produce certified video-photographic inventories of all properties
  • Her RE association recommended the use of the new #legaltech from Certifydoc
  • Its ease of use, allows even delegating on site the production of video-photographic inventories to all interested parties
  • Real estate agencies can now publish photos and videos of the status of the properties with certified legal value
  • Using Certifydoc it’s so easy that you can do it at any time. Just by registering with any device, without subscriptions nor time constraints
  • The service allows submitting all types of documents (inventories, contracts, receipts …) in one certification, in order to receive, share and archive the certified evidence easily and securely
  •  With Certifydoc a) Pay online only what you need b) The cost of the certification is the € of a breakfast c) There is no limitation of type or number of files d) You have up to 17MB per certification e) Complies with state and European regulations RGPD and eIDAS
  • More information at www.certifydoc.eu

Preparing for your property tax appraisal protest hearing

  • Why use Certifydoc to prepare for your property tax appraisal protest hearing?
  • You need strong digital evidences to prove in the hearing that your property has a lower value: damages, cracks, unfinished works…
  • Film the the status of the property, make also pictures, whilst reading the headline of today’s newspaper
  • Send all your files now to Certifydoc and receive the certification via email in seconds
  • Present your certified digital evidences in the protest hearing, they now have high probative legal value
  • You’ve achieved the maximum possible probability that your proof will be admitted

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