Transparency in cases of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

Why use Certifydoc before and after an intervention?


  • Certify photos, videos and signed documents related to the intervention
  • The certification email must be available to the patient and surgeon


  • Certify photos and videos of the result of the intervention


  • Total transparency before, during and after the process between both parties
  • Encryption and compliance with the national privacy laws and the EU GDPR

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Transparency in cases of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

  • The health sector is one of the areas where maximum transparency in the interventions carried out between doctors and patients is needed, in order to avoid disagreements and complaints.
  • With regards to the obligation of means or result, Cosmetic surgery is regulated differently in the legislation, because it can be voluntary or involuntary.
    It is essential that the surgeon can prove that he has not guaranteed the result to the patient.
  • We need strong evidence (photos, videos) showing the patient’s condition before and after the intervention, together with the documents that report its risks.
  • Your clinic or office can benefit of an innovative solution to quickly solve the problems described above, thanks to Certifydoc #legaltech technology.

Defend yourself against complaints in the Health sector

Why use Certifydoc in the health sector?

  • Legally demonstrate that all health regulations have been met during an operation or in emergencies
  • Have proof and provide a “date certain” for MRIs, X-rays and ultrasounds
  • Prove that the authenticity of the grafted prostheses are documented
  • Certify quickly, cheaply and safely by merely using a mobile phone and Certifydoc
  • It helps to prevent any judicial dispute

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