Common Tools

Certified email for the Calls of General Meetings

Why use Certifydoc to assist you in the process?

  • You are a president, an administrator, who must annually convene its members or associates to the annual general meeting
  • It is a costly process in terms of time and money but you cannot find a tool that makes your job easier
  • Certifydoc’s massive certified email service assists you in the process and certifies your mailings, for legal purposes, with #legaltech technology

Digital Transformation Courses for Your Industry

Why use the Digital Transformation courses that Certifydoc offers?

  • You are an entrepreneur or employee and need to understand how to use new technological tools for your sector
  • You don’t have enough knowledge but you want to learn quickly and efficiently
  • Go to Certifydoc’s “Courses” page and choose one or more of the available courses
  • Learn what you’ll actually use in your daily operation by feeling comfortable and safe
  • Now you can take advantage of the technological innovations offered in your industry and be more competitive

Certification and encryption according to the GDPR

Why use Certifydoc to encrypt?

  • What is encryption? The process that hides the meaning of information from those who do not know the key to transform it back into something intelligible
  • When? GDPR has been in force from May 25, 2018 across the EU
  • Who is required? Everyone. Companies, Freelancers and in some particular cases also private individual and entities
  • How? Encrypting for free with Certifydoc
  • What for? To protect your data, avoid penalties and not have to publicly announce the theft of your data

Certify and Encrypt

What is encryption? It’s a process that prevents the access of information from those who do not know the password to transform it back into readable data

  • Select one or multiple files that you want to certify regardless of its type
  • Your browser will create a zip document in case you want to encrypt multiple files
  • Choose a password to encrypt your zip file
  • Your browser will create an encrypted document available for download
  • We send this encrypted file to be processed for certification as explained in the tutorial videos
  • We receive an email in real time that contains the original encrypted and certified files
  • To decrypt use the password that was originally chosen on the decryption page of Certifydoc

Uses of Certifydoc

  • Justice

– Insults on Facebook, threats on Twitter, harassment on WhatsApp.  By going through Certifydoc to gain certification ensures that documentation can be shown before a judge, as evidence with guarantee that the content was not modified or falsified

  • Intellectual property

– Designs, photos, software. With Certifydoc you can protect all products of your creativity such as photos or documents and certify them in an economic manner

– This way you can claim and defend your intellectual property

  • Citizens- Daily life

– Consumer Defense:
For “special” changes to cellular contract, electricity or gas contracts, supposed “improvements” to the bill that never appear. Protect yourself legally in order avoid paying abusive rates
– Citizen complaints:
Can also be used for roads in poor condition, low quality construction or instability in structures that put citizen safety at risk
With Certifydoc, photos and videos can be presented as evidence with legal value

  • Real estate

– Verify the state of property before and after renting an apartment or office

– Obtain legal confidence while promoting and selling real estate to international clients who are unable to visit beforehand

– For all kinds of procedures being presented to any state, autonomous or municipal body

– Have evidence to challenge or appeal the annual property tax

  • Health

– With Certifydoc you can:

Legally demonstrate that all health regulations have been met during an operation or in emergencies
Have proof and provide the “date certain” of MRIs, x-rays and ultrasounds
Prove that the authenticity of the grafted prostheses is documented

  • Business

– By certifying credit or sale documents, mortgages, donations, guarantees, leasing, loans, services, invoices and fees with Certifydoc, you can secure all your documents and ensure legal value by providing the “date certain” and integrity

– For bankruptcy proceedings, there is a greater probability of being compensated

  • Buildings

– Photos and videos demonstrate that the safety measures of the workers on the construction site have been ensured

– During the construction of a building, is valuable having proof that the steps have been followed, in case of incidents or conflicts

– When renting a home, demonstrate that these flaws were already present prior to renting in case claims are made

– All this can be achieved with Certifydoc, gain legal relevance for your documents with just a few clicks










Real Estate


Intellectual property


Everyday life – Citizens

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