Universal interoperable data, public in Blockchain and notarized for legal certification

The second stage of digital transformation: Public blockchained and notarized data.

We use Blockchain as a  universal, public but encrypted, repository.

We obtain interoperable data between platforms that do not communicate with each other.

Use cases

Copyright Defender

Register your copyright in Blockchain for immediate public and universal verification, notarize it for legal relevance, make it an interoperable data

Universal electronic Bill of Lading (UeBoL)

Ensure the eBoL is unique, public, trusted at any moment. Verify and track immediately via a public blockchain its ownership changes and deliveries. Use a public blockchain, not a private company to trust your eBoL

Interoperable Multimodal Transportations

Track publicly the interoperable data needed to plan an efficient multimodal transportation. Decarbonize, optimize your resources with immediate tracking in a public blockchain.

Agrifood Tracing Defender

From the origin to the consumer, track in a public blockchain your agrifood supply chain, notarize it for legal value and make these data interoperable internationally

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