Demo – Videos

This page will guide you on the process on how to use Certifydoc:

The videos will help you through the registration options, welcome email, certification processes and what to do next.

This video will show you:
1. The start in the home page
2. Your account area
3. How to go to the certification section
4. All the certification steps to perform a “Complete” process with confidential documents
5. How to retrieve the certification email with the certifying and certified files
6. Done, you have in your email everything you need conveniently packaged
7. In the future you can forward it to your lawyer or save the two attachments in a safe memory, just as an example
8. Enjoy the video!

This video will show you:
1. The start in the home page
2. Indirect registration (Social Login) through your Facebook account
3. Verification you are logged in
4. Verification you’ve been granted 3 free certifications
5. Having a first look to your new private area
6. Enjoy the video!


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