Courses for Digital Transformation

By Mario Scalabrino CEO of Certifydoc

These courses will help you understand in a practical, simple and quick way how to adapt to the new online technologies offered in your sector.


Information of the courses:

Newest courses
Download and share the pdf of the ‘Virtual Machine for Ethereum Blockchain Integration with PHP’ and related Course
Regular courses

Online or face-to-face courses:

Download and share the pdf of the Digital Transformation courses


Mario Scalabrino’s Biography

High technology businessman, forensic consultant, graduate in Electronic Engineering, holds a master’s degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

Former international director of software sales and former officer of the Armed Forces in forensic scientific investigations.

Strongly value people who demonstrate tolerance, equality, and respect for others.

Mario loves reading and writing articles and sharing knowledge especially if it can have any social or cultural impact.

Since he detests fake news, he always carefully check the sources of his information. He’s a science, nature, dance, party, and people enthusiast, but not necessarily in this order.

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