Baffling facts about femicide statistics

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In my bio I told you that I like to carefully check the sources of articles. With this being a sensitive, important, and controversial topic, I would like, on this occasion, to provide you with the sources related to the…
Certifydoc-Violencia de genero3

Gender violence: an epidemic without a cure?

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According to one of the definitions that I found in Wikipedia, an epidemic is a “disaster or tragedy that affects a large part of a population and that causes serious harm”, so let me state categorically that we are facing…

Certification and encryption according to the GDPR

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Who is required to encrypt? With the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the EU) companies are not the only ones who must encrypt data. This new law also requires individuals, professionals, and organizations to start encrypting. But let’s…

How to report sexual harassment in the workplace via WhatsApp?


A new tool for women to fight sexual harassment in the workplace via WhatsApp #metoo

At this time of social changes, new tools such as the certification of WhatsApp conversations, allow us to add a small contribution to the fight against these, unfortunately but still so frequent, cases.

It is an extremely complex and delicate subject. With this post we try to help the protection of the legitimate interests of women who experience sexual harassment, using the new tools that arise from the impetus of new EU laws.


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